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Gen Gathering Privacy Policy

Gen respects your privacy and we do not sell or distribute your personal
information for commercial use. By using this site you consent that your contact
information (name and email address) will be passed between individual volunteers and
requesters in order to complete the volunteer/request act. You also consent that the
information you provide during registration (name, location, bio, email address, and photo)
may be viewed by other registered users of this site.

We may also use your contact information to occasionally send you a notice of important
changes, enhancements, or alerts regarding our service.

We also may collect such data as your domain name, Internet Protocol (IP) address and browser
type for traffic analysis purposes.

Gen Gathering uses several third parties to serve ads on our site. We do not provide advertisers
with access to individual profile information. We do not sell, rent or otherwise distribute the
information you provide us to these advertisers.

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